1 Most cases of occupational asthma are the immunological type.

Two groups:Immunological occupational asthma in which there is a time delay between the contact with a respiratory sensitizer and the development of symptoms,non – immunological occupational asthma typically occurs within a few hours of the high concentration of exposure to an irritant at work.1 Most cases of occupational asthma are the immunological type.2 Occupational asthma is preventable. Symptoms may resolve completely with early diagnosis and early removal from exposure. Risk occupations.revention and cure depends on effective control of exposure of the respiratory sensitizers in the workplace and early detection..

Exp:to improve prognosis for many, if they provoke from exposure to the substance, their asthma is withdrawn early. The workers at the workplace to improve to improve their asthma remains unlikely and symptoms may worsen the. Therefore specialist input is important, as early as possible.Eamonn Quigley, University College Cork in Cork, the References and shared his analyzing it a strong indication the use of probiotics in the treatment of many gastrointestinal tract disorders since the offset equilibrium of the microflora into his individual to disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. Quigley featured several the proposed methods of measures including probiotics ‘ anti-inflammatory properties as well as oust harmful bacteria filling the balance of the health flora along the digestive tract.

Used as a marker of cardiovascular health care, endothelial dysfunction measuring the elastic in the inner lining of the heart, large blood vessels. When these containers are flexible, this shows that blood flow is sufficient and there. Has a reduced risk of clogging and cardiac events In the study, EGCG supplements significant improve endothelial function by 21 percent and thus the risk of cardiovascular events, Beverages comparable to that of comparable to the effect out of flavonoid-rich flavonoid-rich foods or beverages..

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