10 reasons you should drink beer Many believe beer is dangerous.

Indeed, for reasons not yet completely understood, consuming alcoholic beverages protects the mind from aging-related degradation. Of training course, this means that individuals who drink beer can easily think a lot more quickly than nondrinkers. A vitamin mix Many assume that beer would never have the ability to satisfy those who continuously scrutinize drinks predicated on nutritional articles. Well, in case you are among such people, then you would be pleased to understand that the alcoholic beverage contains zinc, potassium, riboflavin, and several other nutrients. Escaping carbs Without free from carbohydrates necessarily, beer is not being among the most carb-filled beverages out there.Population but take into account half of most new HIV attacks. The AIDS awareness campaign comes at an opportune second as polls by the Kaiser Family members Foundation show that only 14 percent of Us citizens say they have seen, heard, or read about HIV in the last 12 a few months. Critics say the $45 million dollar communications strategy, however good the intentions, can do little to greatly help identify those 300,000 infected individuals who may unknowingly end up being infecting others and the federal government would do easier to spend $200 million in getting ultimately more people tested for HIV. The Act Against Helps campaign carries a website, nineandahalfminutes.org, where information on protection against HIV transmission can be accessed.

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