12-week course of brand-new Hepatisis C drug costs $94.

The brand new treatment seems to fall in the group of a true ‘miracle drug,’ but why the high price? Many will argue that the cost of developing and testing a new drug is quite expensive, which of course holds true, but let’s try to put factors into perspective. If the current price of the drug continues to be the same and only 1 1 million People in america are treated – – roughly one-third of those with hep C – – the resulting income for the drug’s manufacturers will end up being $94.5 billion. It’s unlikely that it price Gilead, the drug’s maker, anywhere near that amount to develop the medication and conduct medical trials. And the $94.5 billion figure is founded on the income from dealing with only one of three Us citizens who have problems with the disease.With a huge inflatable Rx bottle as a backdrop, armed with prescription bottles filled with constituents’ personal health care stories, AARP users converged at Peoria Community Library today contacting the Congressman to tackle healthcare reform when he goes back to the country’s Capitol in September. Following the press meeting, the group took the prescription bottles and shipped them to Congressman Schock’s workplace in downtown Peoria. Failure to pass health care reform legislation this season is not a choice, said AARP Peoria-area volunteer Mary Patton.

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