14Days about the Wagon Nearly 23 million Americans need treatment for a alcohol or drug problem.

According to the National Institute on SUBSTANCE ABUSE, you can find more deaths, disease, and disabilities from substance abuse than from any additional preventable health condition. Today, a single in four deaths is attributable to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and illicit medication use. Something has to change. Let it focus on you. As you take on the #14Days challenge, CBS News will offer assistance and encouragement from leading experts in the areas of health, addiction and recovery. They will touch on topics which range from motivation to diet plan and nutrition, new types of substitute treatments, family members recovery, developing mental and spiritual power, stress reduction, meditation and yoga.Vigorous activity and workout such as downhill skiing is certainly both fun and essential, but the cold temperatures and slippery areas of wintertime can produce significant injuries, especially for children, stated John D. Kelly, IV, MD, spokesperson for the AAOS and orthopaedic surgeon focusing on sports medicine. Wearing proper clothing, protective equipment and avoiding extreme climate can improve sporting security etc one must miss out on the winter fun. According to the U.S. The Academy offers several experts available to comment on treatment options and recovery moments for those Olympians who may sustain an injury through the Winter Games.

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