46 million Americans uninsured Following can be an op-ed by Dr.

The nation needs applications that reduce the cost of insurance to consumers and cover the uninsured. This over focus on costs has resulted in some ridiculous proposals that would ultimately be bad general public policy if enacted. Sen. Max Baucus , for example, includes a plan mandating that all Americans purchase health insurance. Because his plan does not have any public option, struggling middle-class families would be forced to buy health insurance at rates likely to be difficult for them to pay. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released data reinforcing why real healthcare reform should be enacted further. Already, healthcare insurance for the common American family costs $13,375 a full year, and health insurance premiums improved 138 % during the last 10 years.And Canada by considerably the leading contributors . THE BRAND NEW York Times focuses on the Obama administration’s response to Haiti. [A]s part of an extraordinary pr campaign, the White House released a three-web page ‘ticktock,’ a newspaper term of artwork for a minute-by-minute reconstruction of how momentous events unfolded. Based on the newspaper, The ticktock was among a torrent of news releases, briefings, fact linens and statements that flowed from the White House in the times after the earthquake, a media advertising campaign that illustrates two truths about the National government: its deftness at catering to a nonstop, Internet – and cable-television-driven information cycle, and its determination to task resolve and competence in dealing with a heartbreaking tragedy.

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