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This lack of preparedness means America may potentially look like Sierra Leone if Ebola gets out of control. Bodies could be left in the roads, because there’s no room to treat them in the hospitals. Shockingly, only 8 % of respondents in the study said that their medical center even has an isolation plan in place! These results shook National Nurses United to the core, prompting the group to ask hospitals to immediately implement a full-scale crisis preparedness plan for a potential disease outbreak.Since 1985, a lot more than 2 million sponges produced by Innocoll Technologies have been used to treat a lot more than 1 million patients across a broad range of clinical indications. Several studies claim that the sponge may be effective in the procedure and prevention of infections following general surgery.6,13,14 In a single-center, randomized trial, individuals who underwent colorectal surgery and received a sponge experienced a 70 percent decrease in surgical-site infection, in comparison with those who did not receive a sponge.6 The current phase 3 trial was made to confirm these promising data and support regulatory approval in the United States.

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