ABC News should focus even more on integrity.

ABC News should focus even more on integrity, says National Center for Public Policy Research ABC Information should focus less on Charlie Diane and Gibson Sawyer and more on integrity, says the National Center for Public Policy Study, which just completed an advertising overview of ABC’s nightly Globe News. The multi-month review, using data collected by executive director David Almasi and analyzed by policy analyst Matt Patterson, was carried out after ABC allowed President Obama to pitch his healthcare proposal on ABC’s Primetime in June and gave Obama extra airtime that night on Nightline.What else can describe the outrageous foolishness of washing Ebola vomit with aerosol-generating pressure washers? Or isolating a family group for 21 times in a home that’s widely contaminated with Ebola while turning apart the hazardous materials cleaning crews? How can you justify keeping the U.S. Southern border completely wide and undefended open up in the center of a global pandemic outbreak? The type of mindless person delivers materials to an Ebola-infected house while wearing no protecting gear whatsoever? All these phenomena point to a deliberate actions to see Ebola spread in America directly. Or, probably, the people in charge of responding to all this are so extremely stupid they are cognitively unqualified to survive a pandemic in the first place.

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