According to a report in the September 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medication.

Acupuncture effective for treating low back pain Six months of acupuncture treatment appears to be far better than conventional therapy in treating low back discomfort, according to a report in the September 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medication, although the study suggests that both sham acupuncture and traditional Chinese verum acupuncture seem to be effective in treating low back pain. Michael Haake, Ph info .D., M.D., of the University of Regensburg, Poor Abbach, Germany, and colleagues conducted a randomized clinical trial involving 1,162 patients who had experienced chronic low back pain for typically eight years. Sufferers underwent ten 30-minute sessions of verum acupuncture , sham acupuncture or conventional therapy .

Lange is highly crucial of the tactics used by those who possess managed to shut down the PREP trials. The techniques of the specific activist organizations, he says, are uninformed demagogy, intimidation, and ‘Helps Exceptionalism’, the last in the feeling that they exploit their HIV-positive status to escape with behavior that would not be recognized from others. Those that are affected the most from the misguided ethical imperialism that derailed the PREP trials usually do not reside in Paris, but as usual in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Phnom Penh, and Calcutta. .. Activist groups hinder essential scientific trials of HIV medication One promising method of help stem the global HIV epidemic is to provide commercial sex workers an HIV medication before they have high risk sex in the wish of reducing their chances of becoming infected, an approach called pre-exposure prophylaxis .

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