According to a report of her case.

And a check of her heart’s electrical activity revealed she got a condition called very long QT syndrome, which can cause erratic center beats. The woman didn’t have a grouped genealogy of heart or hormone problems. But she was informed by her doctors that, because the age of 15, she hadn’t drunk any water – – soda was the only liquid she consumed. She drank about 2 liters of cola daily, she said. After abstaining from soda for just one week, the woman’s potassium levels and center electrical activity returned on track.Today serves to underscore the significance of maintaining these applications New medical health insurance data also released. Private health insurance coverage for children has declined since 2000 Apparently, but because of the continued performance of Medicaid and the State Children’s MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Program in filling coverage gaps, medical health insurance for kids has remained stable and even slightly improved nationally. But there are still 9 apparently.1 million uninsured kids in the U.S. In 2004 more than seven from every ten poor children got at least one utilized parent, but that is not more than enough to lift households out of poverty, as even if a mother or father with one young child works full time at the federal minimum amount wage, the family lives in poverty.

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