Advanced Instruments launches Advanced Automated Osmometer Advanced Instruments.

Advanced Instruments launches Advanced Automated Osmometer Advanced Instruments, Inc ., today presented the A2OTM Advanced Automated Osmometer, a multi-sample instrument that sets new benchmarks for analytical functionality, ease of use, and true leave operation capabilities in osmolality testing. The announcement was made at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s 2011 Clinical Lab Expo. It combines an extremely functional design, exceptional performance, and an intuitive software control package that’s both effective and elegantly simple to operate.

‘But our latest findings weigh seriously in favor of the more complex 64-CT scans,’ he adds, citing extra study results showing that the scans could pinpoint with 91 % certainty the complete artery blocked. At four times the strength of the more obtainable 16-CT scanner widely, Lima says the 64-CT scans ‘provided our first real view of the complete picture of what is going on in the artery, exactly where the blockage is, even if it is only a obstructed partially.’ Lead study investigator and interventional cardiologist Julie Miller, M.D., says the advanced scanners are so good that physicians can for the very first time measure blockages in arteries as small as 1.5 millimeters in size.

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