All-Med Billing Corp.

All-Med Billing Corp prescription drugs . Indictment, U.S. V. Mabel Diaz, et al ON, MAY 22, 2007, a Miami government grand jury came back a 46-count indictment against eight defendants in USA v. Mabel Diaz, et al., No. 07-20398 – Cr-Ungaro. The indictment charges Abner and Mabel Diaz, husband and wife, with operating All-Med Billing Corp. , a Miami medical billing business, and executing a scheme to send tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent statements to Medicare from 1998 to 2004 for reimbursement for durable medical equipment and related solutions. The indictment alleges that All-Med submitted approximately $80 million in false statements with respect to 29 DME businesses. The statements were allegedly fraudulent in that the equipment had not been ordered by a physician and/or had by no means been delivered to a Medicare affected person.

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