All SIS solutions.

About SISSIS provides software solutions that are clearly intended to value at every point of the perioperative process to add specifically for the complex surgical environment developed, all SIS solutions. – including anesthesia – architected on a single database and integrate easily with other hospital systems. Opening in 2004,only surgical scheduling system by the American Hospital Association approved and a rules-based charging system, the Peer Review status Healthcare Healthcare Financial Management Association .

Riva laboratory scientists from Europe, scientists from Europe, the U.S. And Japan. Many numerous students, and nearly a dozen of them are now professors. He is the founder of the Museum of anatomical wax models, Cagliari and arranged exhibitions in several countries. International standing international standing and reputation make it a true ambassador for salivary research.. Prof. Riva is head of cytomorphology at the University of Cagliari. After completing his medical training and one year in the Department of Anatomy, Thomas’ Hospital, he joined the Department of Anatomy in Cagliari., titled , titled A sensorial neuronal ion channels crucial for respiratory inflammation and hyperreactivity in asthma, will this week to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . – This study shows – restarted – in that TRPA1 plays a vital role in asthma, said Sven-Eric Jordt, the Yale University, of the newspaper the lead author and member hydration Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board. These data are unique implications for the treatment in asthma, and a series of other inflammatory disorders, to a whole new manner, we believe, the past decades TRPA1 may infiltration of the lung by the inflammatory cell responsible for for the overproduction of for preventing asthma symptom such as wheezing and slime.

Can not open These revolutionary research, a completely new approach drug therapy in asthma There have dramatic increase in the dramatic increase in the number of asthmatic circumstances at the past decades, researchers found that asthma includes immune response at inhaled allergens cause inflammation. , mucus secretion and bronchial constriction But facing the limited efficiency of treatment on immune system suggest that additional physiological mechanisms may be involved in asthmatic inflammation targeted the TRPA1 ion channel would a breakthrough in the therapeutic treatment of allergic asthma.

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