An update on the clinical development program for boceprevir.

Initial results from an ongoing Phase II trial treated with not hepatitis C patients boceprevir showed in combination with PegIntron and REBETOL reached a high rate of early virologic response, with up to 79 % of patients with undetectable virus . At week 12 of boceprevir treatment compared to 34 % of patients receiving PegIntron and Rebetol alone These initial results, while preliminary, are very encouraging and showed that boceprevir is a potent antiviral agent for the treatment of hepatitis C, said Paul Kwo, associate professor of medicine and medical director, liver transplantation, Department of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology / Hepatology, One study School of Medicine, Indianapolis, and the lead investigator of the study. In this study, viral boceprevir improved clearance rates at week 12 in genotype 1 hepatitis C infection compared to the control group.

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