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The clustering of these properties as metabolic syndrome as metabolic syndrome is a strong predictor of chronic disease, and in in a growing number of U.S . Adults and adolescents. – The scientists think, insulin resistance is the underlying property, which leads to the other metabolic abnormalities, said Ventura. It is now assumed that obesity may be a trigger for insulin resistance, thus. , A cascade of risk .

Thought sugary drinks in childhood can Disease Risk Cutsymptoms of heart disease and diabetes are in adults in adults are increasingly found in adolescents according to a longitudinal study, which suggests that sweetened reducing the intake of sugar drinks during childhood may to reduce the risk of chronic diseases later in life. – Research on obesity and associated problems such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes is extensively dealt with adults, says Alison Ventura, a doctoral student at Penn State Center for Childhood Obesity Research. But with rising rates of obesity in children, we see these problems with much younger age. .

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