ARAMARK Education launches wellness.

ARAMARK also offers a fruit and veggie of the month program to introduce learners of most ages to seasonal produce. Healthy forever is another exemplory case of ARAMARK’s ongoing commitment to health and fitness which include educating and encouraging people of all ages to adopt healthier eating methods and more active lifestyles to greatly help in the fight obesity and other diseases. As one of America’s largest companies of dietitians, ARAMARK is the only professional providers company to become an ADA Partner..650,000 Hilltop Community Health Center Valparaiso Ind. 650,000 University of Kentucky College of Medicine/North Folk Valley Community Wellness Board Hazard Ky. 650,000 Primary Care Suppliers for a wholesome Feliciana Clinton La. 650,000 Innis Community Wellness Center Innis La. 775,000 Primary Health Services Center Monroe La. 858,333 Catahoula Parish Hospital District No. 2 Sicily Island La. 666,667 Tensas Community Health Center St. Joseph La. 400,000 Islands Community Medical Services Vinalhaven Maine 348,005 Choptank Community Wellness System Denton Md.

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