Arnab Chakravarti.

Blumenthal, M.D., Michael A. Vogelbaum, M.D., Ph.D., Howard Colman, M.D., Ph.D., Arnab Chakravarti, M.D., Stephanie Pugh, Ph.D., Minhee Won, M.A., Robert Jeraj, Ph.D., Paul D. Brown, M.D., Kurt A. Jaeckle, M.D., David Schiff, M.D., Volker W. Stieber, M.D., David G. Brachman, M.D., Maria Werner-Wasik, M.D., Ivo W. Tremont-Lukats, M.D., Erik P. Sulman, M.D., Kenneth D. Aldape, M.D., Walter J. Curran, Jr., M.D., and Minesh P. Mehta, M.D.: A Randomized Trial of Bevacizumab for Recently Diagnosed Glioblastoma Glioblastoma is the most common main malignant human brain tumor in adults.In children suspected of having pulmonary tuberculosis, two gastric washings, two induced-sputum samples, or both were tested by way of auramine staining and a mycobacterial lifestyle was tested by using the Bactec technique at nationally accredited laboratories. Mycobacterial isolates had been analyzed for medication resistance by using the BACTEC 460 system .). An end-point review committee of study-group clinicians who were unacquainted with the study-group assignments examined all deaths and potentially tuberculosis-related principal and secondary end factors. Screening for security was undertaken in scheduled visits every 3 months while the participants were receiving the analysis drug.

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