Asked to investigate how the different physical responses to decision making.

Asked to investigate how the different physical responses to decision making, Dunn and his co-authors, the study, to try to learn how at a card game they had never played before gain influence. The game was so that there is no obvious strategy to follow and instead players their their hunches make. During the game, each participant wore a heart rate monitor and a sensor that measured the amount of sweat on their fingertips.

Dunn and his co-authors found this link between gut feelings and intuitive decision making to be stronger in people than than their own heartbeat. For for some individuals are able to hear her heart helped them make wise decisions, while for others it costly mistakes costly mistakes. In our bodies in our bodies, actually seems to influence what goes in our minds, we should be careful about the following gut feeling as they sometimes help and sometimes hinder our decision says, Dunn.

Most players gradually found a way card game card game and they reported that they rely on intuition than reason.Hu said that the next level of research is follow at the enhancement of study of patients outside hospital The team will be also detail to. Severity of the surgical complications, evaluate tumor characteristics and and other factors that may play a role in the results.

The total cost for the robots procedure, however, were much higher – more than $ 3,000 higher than in conventional open surgery. The researchers said this can through longer operating times and greater use of single-use instruments with the robot. Ugh also noted that the study. Did does not factor expenses for robot purchase and maintenance, the costs may can be even higher.

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