But what about those folks who suffer just as much.

To check blood testosterone levels, the researchers took bloodstream samples from the men nine times over three months. They excluded men from the study who took medications that affect testosterone. Obesity caused a gentle and unimportant reducing of bloodstream testosterone levels clinically, the investigators reported. Age had no effect on testosterone level. The modest decline in blood testosterone among older guys, coupled with nonspecific symptoms usually, such as easy exhaustion and low sexual desire, may be due to symptomatic disorders that accumulate during maturing, including obesity and cardiovascular disease, he said.Programs such as semen testing and preventive behavioral guidance are needed in order to help survivors of EVD appreciate and mitigate the possible risk of sexual transmission. Such programs would help women and men understand their specific risk and take suitable measures to protect their sexual partners, in regards to condom make use of and disposal specifically, and could provide links to treatment and counseling programs for survivors. Because semen-testing programs are not yet available universally, outreach activities are needed to provide education regarding recommendations and dangers to survivor communities and sexual partners of survivors in a manner that will not further stigmatize the community of survivors of EVD.

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