Could HIV infected organs save lives?

Could HIV – infected organs save lives?If Congress reversed its ban so that people with HIV to organ donors after their death, was about 500 HIV-positive Patients with kidney or liver failure each year for transplants within months instead of the years they the list the list, new Johns Hopkins research suggests. ‘If this legal ban were lifted, we could potentially organ transplants to every single HIV-infected transplant candidate on the waiting list,’says Dorry L. Associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and senior study author. ‘Instead of discarding the otherwise healthy organs of HIV-infected people when they die, those organs could be available to HIV – positive candidates.

There are medical and safety issues that need to be addressed. Doctors must ensure that the harvested organs that there a transplant and that it. Minimal risk of infecting the recipient with a more aggressive strain of the virus There is also a fear that an HIV-infected organ could accidentally an HIV – an HIV – negative recipient. Segev says that hepatitis C – infected organs clearly marked as such and similar protocols with HIV – infected organs can be developed. – ‘The same processes that are in place to keep people from HIV infection hepatitis C accidentally protect site could be taken for HIV-infected organs, ‘Segev says. ‘When pulling it the option into consideration – to die at high risk on the waiting list – then these small challenges the the large potential benefits ‘ ‘.. Continue reading “Could HIV infected organs save lives?”