Cell researchers study investigated ion channels membrane proteins.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers found a new, previously unknown intracellular signaling pathway, regulation, location of ion channels on the cell surface, controls the. To the passage of electrical charges, and control of the beat of the heart and other muscle activity Ion channels are proteins that form the pores on the surface of the cell. The pores open with careful regulation,. The passage of ions, such as potassium, sodium or chloride These ions have different electric charges and their controlled transition into and out of the cell support and coordinate contractions as the cardiac rhythm..

The rights for the use of the GAD65 gene in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease have been reported in a non-exclusively licensed to the American company Neurologix, recently presented Phase II data on their GAD drug design candidates NLX – P101 sustained positive long-term effectiveness in Parkinson patients.The findings from research in which in the BMJ journal Occupational Environmental Medicine, include that with solvents like with solvents such as glycol ether, a 2.5 times higher risk of of low motile spermatozoa should in comparison with men with low exposure. Glycol ethers have using in many products of like water-based varnishes – the product used many Painting and Decora.


Motility is an important of human fertility and the concentration of of moving sperm per sample is demonstrated that be associated with the design. However the size and shape sperm and the quality of the sperm DNA are important factors, which can be influenced by chemical influence.. Add additional exposure to chemical substances, the study looked at other non – chemical determinants in the men’s lifestyle. The scientists discovered that men who had undergo previous operations in order to the testes or the manual labor was committed are relatively small motile sperms , whereas alcoholic alcohol regular basis and wore Boxershorts were rather sperm sperm quality Been. Andy Povey, lecturer for Molecular epidemiology of of the University of Manchester, said: We are aware that certain glycol ethers male fertility is and the use of this reduces into the last two decades, however, adversely affect our results indicate Secretariat for Economic workplace risk and to more work is required to reduce such exposure.

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