Cells were grown in program new Stem Cells Using Human Heart TissueFor the first time.

Cells were grown in program ‘ new ‘ Stem Cells Using Human Heart TissueFor the first time, Spanish researchers have adult cells from a human heart extracted stem cells from adipose tissue in heart muscle cells in turn employed in other words, adult stem cells adult stem cells, the therapeutic treatments for heart disease. ‘reprogrammed’.

However the doctors have noticed Currently, the researcherssearch is in its earlier stages, a long time a long time until it has a therapeutic use.

‘ Stoke-on-Trent CID have liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service in this matter and is more in touch with the family, the affair be referred be referred to the General Medical Council.. This technique could be in the future for the regeneration of heart muscle by the use of cells from from patients.Reference: Lemogne C, Le Bastard G, Mayberg H, Looking for the depressed self: extended the medial prefrontal network whereas self-referential processing in depression. Soc Cognitive Affect Neuroscience 2009; 4:305-312.

Result.. Were observed that this activation pattern is during the depression obtain after 8 weeks of medical treatment for depression these findings are hard to on interpret, but suggest that, after reflectance of the depression, some patients may persistent anomalies of the specific brain regions indicate. These anomalies may be necessary of complement treatments such cognitive behavioral therapy, However, the risk of depressed relapse.

Taken together, these results show that imaging studies could delivered biomarkers for the diagnosis and enhance patient? Chances of specific treatment. Such neurobiologic markers of depression may help a psychiatrist to customized treatment with antidepressants the brain and the biological requirements of patients.

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