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New analysis of NHS stands in Wales has revealed that the cost of maintenance and repairs are too high and significant risks in NHS reducing building for staff and patients is almost half the total order backlog costs.

They are financially incompetent. – I want a health care system where we are building a decent and secure, relax where are working are working to without fear of injury or damage.. Almost half of the NHS repairs backlog expose staff and patients at high and significant risk – Lib Dems Say Welsh shadow health minister.

it is equally disturbing, that none of the health trusts fulfilled to meet the objectives of the Regulations concerning the Disability Discrimination Act, Control of Legionella and health and safety at work. I do not think it is acceptable for doctors and nurses are in buildings that have to close if they were nightclubs would have to work is. Ensure the NHS in Wales had since October 2004 that their buildings are DDA compliant, but here we are, 6 years later, dealing with 16 million worth of work to allow access for the disabled will be ? – We know that money is tight and that in the coming years it will be difficult, but the Labour – Plaid government had years to address this problem and they failed.Courtesy of to , the whole Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Reports display, search the archives , or sign up for email notification to Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage emphatically of, a free service from of The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Prospects recommends that you use of professional interpreters in the discussions patient care and also offers ideas to clinicians with interpretation .. End of investigated Hispanic Barriers To Quality End-of – Life Care Palliative care for Latino patients and their families, Journal of the American Medical Association: Perspective look at the communications and cultural barriers to pose Hispanic where it comes at end of dying in the U.S. After the perspective of, such barriers are speech and literacy, geographic, political and economic problems patient many times separated of their families; uninsurance; doubts a legal status and discrimination on and cultural and religious divides.

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