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‘.. Single Injection Provides Relief From Pain for 8 months after Spinal Cord Injury the Cleveland Clinic the Cleveland Clinic–A Collaborative Research Group published results showing a single injection immediately after spinal cord injury, for for a longer period limit time.Fibronectin – a protein that exists naturally in humans – supports the survival, growth and communication of neurons in the brain and spinal cord. The researchers discovered through testing in an animal model, that an injection of fibronectin into the spinal cord triggers specific signaling pathways and pain – reducing effects.

Previous studies have shown that spinal cord injury, the permeability of the blood – spinal cord barrier increases, Cleveland Clinic and pain due to exposure of the spinal cord to inflammatory cells. Pain is an important problem after spinal cord injury since the type of after a after a spinal cord injury is not as debilitating as the paralysis itself.

While the exact mechanisms of the possible fibronectin compound for relief of chronic pain is not yet clear, the results show that fibronectin not only the integrity of the blood-spinal held barrier but also suppressed the inflammatory reaction clearly above eight month period.1) religion 2), visits such as often service .

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