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Scientists have long known that cartilage gets its strength from interlocking millimeter long collagen fibers in a similar manner in a similar way to the load-bearing steel rods in reinforced concrete.

The olfactory bulb odors odors, and the central part of the hippocampus in the in the formation of memories and learning: – In the course of life new brain cells or neurons in two small areas in two small areas of mammalian brains. Neurogenesis neurogenesis, which means ‘birth of neurons ‘.

Once scientists how how the fibrils form and develop in healthy cartilage, they can examine what happens when things go wrong in diseases like osteoarthritis..Image courtesy of They , the complete Kaiser Daily HealthPolicyMonitor display Reports, search the archives or sign up for mail infeed at Emperor Daily Health Policy Report strongly supports emperor network. A free service of The Henry J. Released. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

Recommend prohibit Iran HIV / AIDS, TB of HerbThe Ugandan government has to treat on Friday be prohibited to distribution and utilization of a cabbage, Khomeini, are used by some Iranian health care workers in order to HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis, Xinhua News Agency says. Of Uganda Minister of State for Health Alex Kamugisha saying that Institute for Department of Elahi Environmental Issues for Development and formation and the treatment of individuals sale had been the cabbage Uganda . The herb IEIIDE IEIIDE head of Sheik Allagholi Elahi, be enough HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis in three weeks time to cure contained various concentrations of olive oil, honey and minerals. The 11 – member team, formed by Ugandan Ministry of Health examines the herb and noted that people who use HIV / AIDS were HIV positive still after you make it, BBC News report.

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