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In this new function, the Culture applauds Teri Garr’s courage in getting national attention to MS and her function in educating the public about both challenges of lifestyle with MS and the countless breakthroughs available in treating the disease. Ms. Garr assumed the mantle of her current volunteer placement before some 700 prominent ladies executives and their guests at the WAMS luncheon held April 29th at the Wyndam Resort in Philadelphia. Women Against MS can be a fledgling education and fundraising program that is rapidly gaining nationwide momentum.Protection was assessed by determining the incidence, severity, and dose romantic relationship of adverse events and changes in laboratory measurements. Further details on evaluations of safety are provided in the Supplementary Appendix, available with the full text of this content at The study was designed by representatives of the sponsor and by the first author. Data were collected by research personnel and investigators and were analyzed by the sponsor. All of the authors interpreted the data and collaborated in the planning of the manuscript. The initial draft of the manuscript was compiled by the last author and a representative of the sponsor, with revision and review by all authors.

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