Including information technology and system integration.

Information can be found in laboratory diagnostics, Siemens Medical Solutions is the first fully integrated diagnostics company, bringing together imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare information solutions, supplemented solutions, supplemented by consulting and support services. The company provides solutions for the entire supply chain – from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, therapy and care. Siemens Medical Solutions employs more than 49,000 people worldwide and operates in over 130 countries. Under IFRS in fiscal 2007 , Siemens Medical Solutions reported sales of EUR 9, orders of EUR 10.27 billion and a net profit of EUR 1 .

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, folic acid deficiency anemia and iron deficiency anemia are among the most commonly diagnosed anemia. Anemia estimated that up to 30 % of the world’s population, said Jim Reid-Anderson, president and CEO, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Early diagnosis and effective treatment of anemia can be greatly contribute to improving patient outcomes and improve the quality of life. With the addition of vitamin B12, folate and ferritin the Dimension Vista Intelligent Lab System test menu, we can further assist physicians development of the successful treatment of the most common forms of anemia.Organic logo is view more opportunities for organic producersThe Government of Canada demonstrated which new organic logo give organic producers access to view more markets of and make sure you Canadian families may you find view more certified organic products in their shops. It logo for organic products consumers can an informed, confident make decisions, said Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz. the same time , the new regulations will allow Canadian organic farmers to have its products detected in this emerging market. .

The agreement are Canadian consumers longer Bio judgments and organic farmer elevated opportunities for trade. Canadian Food Inspection Agency at to tight using the organics sector having the implementing the new rules.. Canada Bio Products Regulations and that came into force on 30th Jun. 2009 on of strict standards of certifying products than organic by accredited certification bodies. Products which meet the purpose of production and least contain 95 % organic contents may be organic and wherein. Biologique Canada Organic with new FOOTER These new rules shall apply domestic and to imported products -. Independent from home, all products have organic certification seek to fulfill Canada standards.

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