It is also evaluating samples from humans.

Currently, Alexander and her student research assistants intensively with the behavior and ecology of banded mongoose and this new tuberculosis pathogen in both urban and environmental protected area in their study site in Botswana. In addition, Alexander and her colleagues from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa are the excitation of the molecular characteristics and using molecular tools transmission transmission dynamics study. It is also evaluating samples from humans, other animals and the environment in the study area as they searched for the source of the pathogen. This project is like a great mystery novel, because there is so much we do not know yet, but we ‘ll find out, Alexander said.

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The ground hemoglobin income quintile defining a larger group jeopardized than Anaemia status basis at WHO criteria. Future areas the study was hemoglobin levels hemoglobin value which defines an abnormal focus in the elderly, examined the causes of low hemoglobin concentrations in the elderly and how relate to differently to results, analyze on the root causes of high mortality individuals having low and high hemoglobin concentrations, and assess but low hemoglobin of the general population reduces mortality. .. ‘What is is to be determined remain if pharmacologic correction of anemia can be to slow down progression of the disease, extend independently reduce morbidity[illness], improve quality of life and the survival of, and whether it is a favorable cost -benefit ratio on the society of such a? Improvements, ‘Spivak further.

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