Jay and Laura Jones could not believe the news.

Jay and Laura Jones could not believe the news. She began to sob right there in the lobby.So today, as his memory is getting weaker, the family has come to accept. And adapt. Jay Jones ‘ daily schedule posted in the kitchen every morning, but so much so much.

That led to a visit to the doctor.

The report says that an estimated 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 now have early onset Alzheimer’s, and it accounts for an estimated 40 per cent of dementia for those under 65.. A new report published by the Alzheimer’s Association shows that Jay Jones many many of the disease in the prime of their life is.Laura Jones reminded that little things, like his commute home from work, changed.Our approach for new treatments for this complex disease also sees way well known with current MS treatment hit .

MS each person makes a different impression, and longer treatment options that have more than one path goal needed to meet the various needs of the patients This study is the first ever been showing the negative role in that DR6 play in controlling the remyelinisation. Ships the central nervous system.

Williams, Executive Vice President of, Research and Development, Biogen Idec is. ‘No is currently approved therapies for MS therapy aims DR6 and identify of the potential role for this receptor demonstrates the width of of the our commitment to using cutting-edge science to discover new potential treatment options for the MS community.

Biogen Idec a leading company in which research and development of treatments for people with multiple sclerosis , today announced financial results of a study that inhibition death receptor agonist-6 is function, a fresh approach in the treatment of multiple sclerosis by the blocking to represent autoimmune response propose while promoting remyelinisation.

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