Making them hyperactive.

2. Provide an outlet – Give your child a break free from being tied down at home. Help him/her to enjoy outdoor activities and offer an wall plug for the surplus energy. Even in the case of getting him/ her toys; ensure they are secure and not too many in number. 3. Create a daily routine – Help your son or daughter learn the systematic stuff in life. Teach him/ her to become more organized and much less messy. You could also involve him/ her in your daily chores to maintain them busy. Creating a day to day routine chart will help your son or daughter understand the importance of carrying out a systematic living pattern, which is very vital. 4. Maintain firm self-discipline – Teach your little one to know where you can draw the range. It is important that your son or daughter understands what should and really should not be done.All sufferers provided written informed consent. Randomization was completed in permuted blocks of 12 for every center with the use of sealed envelopes. Stenting and Angioplasty were performed according to standard techniques chosen at the discretion of each interventional cardiologist. The same type of stent was found in patients with multiple lesions and in those undergoing staged procedures. All patients were recommended aspirin at a daily dosage of 75 to 100 mg indefinitely and clopidogrel at a daily dose of 75 mg for 12 months, after a loading dosage of 300 mg or 600 mg, of stent type regardless. Therapeutic agents for secondary prevention, such as for example statins, were prescribed according to current recommendations. Clinical follow-up by way of questionnaires developed for this study was performed at 12 months and two years.

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