Many seniors are lively and active and want to stay that way.

is helping seniors in this difficult economy find clever solutions so you can get the most worth out of their Medicare prescription drug strategy. Many seniors are lively and active and want to stay that way, said Mary Daschner, Group President, Retiree Solutions for Medco. These plans give access to a lot more than 3,000 medications, support from specialist Medicare and pharmacists Advisors, insurance gap alerts and various other tools that may empower Medicare beneficiaries to live healthier lives. Coverage gap alerts let beneficiaries understand how close they are to the Insurance Gap which may be the third stage of insurance coverage in a Medicare Part D plan.There was little difference between your two study organizations in the number of deaths from other causes. However, among guys with prostate malignancy at 10 years, 312 in the screening group and 225 in the control group died from causes apart from prostate cancer, and the surplus in the screening group was possibly associated with overdiagnosis of prostate tumor. There are several possible explanations for having less a decrease in mortality up to now in this trial. First, annual screening with the PSA test using the standard U.S.

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