Metastatic or recurrent endometrial cancer More information here.

Aeterna Zentaris reviews that DSMB scheduled to close second interim analysis of ZoptEC Phase 3 trial in early October Aeterna Zentaris Inc. today announced that the independent Data and Protection Monitoring Panel for the pivotal Phase 3 ZoptEC study with zoptarelin doxorubicin in ladies with advanced, metastatic or recurrent endometrial cancer, october 2015 will full a pre-specified second interim efficacy and safety analysis of the compound in early. David Dodd, CEO and Chairman of Aeterna Zentaris, commented, This past June 30, we announced that people had reached our objective of recruiting 500 individuals for the Phase 3 ZoptEC research, marking the accomplishment of an important milestone in our attempts to commercialize this novel compound More information here .

These exosomes fuse with non-infected cells and result in a variety of results, including programmed cell death of CD4+ immune cells, the hallmark of AIDS. It really is becoming increasingly obvious that many viruses, including HIV, exploit the mechanisms of exosome creation because of their pathogenesis and secretion, mentioned Michael Powell, Ph.D., Associate Director and Professor of Proteomics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Immunology at Morehouse School of Medicine. As a result, therapies that target circulating exosomes hold great promise to advance antiviral strategies. Furthermore to demonstrating treatment safety within an immune-compromised AIDS patient, HIV viral load of the individual was decreased from 102,759 iu/ml at the beginning of treatment someone to a final value of 7,978 iu/ml at the end of treatment twelve, representing a 92 percent decrease.

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