Micromet researchers converted cetuximab and panitumumab.

Based on these findings , we believe that the development of an EGFR – directed BiTE antibody for the treatment of patients with KRAS and BRAF – mutated colorectal cancer is now possible. ‘.. Micromet researchers converted cetuximab and panitumumab, new bispecific antibodies in Micromet’s proprietary BiTE technology. Both EGFR BiTE Micromet antibodies were capable of T-cells against cetuximab / panitumumab – resistant human colorectal cancer cells accommodates KRAS and BRAF mutations to direct leading to destruction of these cancer cells. In mice were daily EGFR antibody BiTE kg doses as low as 0.1 micrograms / sufficient to prevent tumor growth of mutated human colorectal cancer cells.

‘We found that after the gene therapy could could produce calprotectin at a normal level and the NET structure was newly formed, ‘says Maria Joanna. ‘Our experiment showed, that calprotectin is a key player for the neutrophils ‘ defense against Aspergillus infection. Now now convinced that calprotectin can be used as a ‘molecular support ‘the neutrophils the neutrophils cell defect in CGD patients ‘.

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The EliA assay is available on the maps ALK Laboratory Systems Phadi 100? and maps ALK 250 and have a quick turnaround time will be under master curves performed having monthly calibrate, on board have Inc. Diluent capacity and implemented using a discrete, single well, random access, not microtiter plate format.

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