Most of those who reported reported eating raw alfalfa sprouts what is ed treatment.

CDC, is an organism thatate and local agencies this outbreak this outbreak with eating raw alfalfa sprouts. Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia have reported 31 cases of illness with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Saint Paul CDC. Most of those who reported reported eating raw alfalfa sprouts what is ed treatment . Some reported eating raw sprouts at restaurants, others reported purchasing the raw sprouts at retail.

Alfalfa Sprouts Linked to Salmonella contamination – recommended The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that consumers sprout not eat raw alfalfa sprouts, including mixtures with alfalfa sprouts until further notice, because the unit Salmonella serotype Saint Paul pollution has been linked to. Other kinds of sprouts at that time at that time associated with.

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