President Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

All of us feel at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System honored to have this recognition for the second year in a row, says Ronald R. Peterson, president Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. It is not enough the best the best care available. Provided that care within a very fundamental and ethical environment. To less less is a disservice to our patients, themselves and the principles according to which. Established our hospital more than a century ago .

Three quarters of the 9.5 million annual deaths in India occur in the home, and most of do not do not have a certified cause. Reliable mortality measurements of the Indian population are urgently needed, especially in light of the rising adult mortality from HIV / AIDS and non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and cancer. PLoS Med 3 : e18.Link to Article: dx.1371/journal.0030018Public Library of Science European Bioinformatics Institute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, CB10 1DS, UKAbout the Public Library of Scienceis profit PLoS one organization of scientists whose aim is the world’s scientific and medical research literature a public resource. We are by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a publishing program based on the open-access business model, the publication costs be paid in advance, so that everyone with an internet connection can access the content, develop can be financed, a free and unrestricted manner.PAD has atherosclerosis in legs and be a strong indication of like hardening of the arteries in the vicinity of heart and brain, individuals with a PAD are a five times higher hazard of the suffering heart attacks, stroke or death over five years. PAD is not only a risk factor in the cardiovascular disease, is cardiovascular disorder.

PAD not only a risk factor in the cardiovascular disease, it cardiovascular disorder.

Acknowledging the PAD Awareness Month, SVM did developing be easy to understand, see information explaining PAD, as set diagnosed and treated, and which both patients and physicians able resources and additional information. High cholesterol, focuses that SVM InteractiveObject Case Study of the month September for PAD. In case, a 51 – year-old man complains by vascular risk factors other including the current smoking, high blood compressed, high cholesterol, and a family history the early CHD which progressive bilateral leg pain.

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