Results showed that weight loss using significantly larger than among patients.

The results of the study published in the April 2007 issue of Obesity published examines the impact of SenseWear Body monitoring System on 57 patients in a 12-week behavioral inscribed weight loss intervention program. Results showed that weight loss using significantly larger than among patients, the SenseWear continuously during the program was your weight loss was nearly twice as large as those used SenseWear only temporarily.

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SenseWear shows that effective behavioral modification tool for weight lossBodyMedia, the pioneer in metabolic assessment and behavioral therapy solutions, announced today show the first results of the by incorporating the by incorporating the SenseWear body system monitoring may improve in weight loss intervention programs physicians treatment outcomes.Look forwardts. HIF-1 alpha inhibitor shows the early signs of clinical benefits.

‘We have still visible a dose limiting toxicity and us from the early by the early clinical signals of in this program,’said Jeffrey H. Buchalter, Enzon ‘s chairman and chief executive officer. ‘The duration of of clinical utility in particular histological in this phase of at this stage of development of. We look forward to in normal cells, promising compound in Phase II trials later that year, even the dose is calculated ‘.

HIF-1 alpha has a well – validated target in the number commonly used solid cancer. EZN-2968 is the first treatment candidate for the HIF-1 transcriptional factor, of the expression of number of important genes of importance the tumor biology cancer biology , including genes regulation of the angiogenesis, cellular metabolism, proliferation cell death and cell invasion controlled target. HIF-1 alpha protein is low in normal cells, microRNA high intracellular concentrations in many cancers and greatly correlate with poor prognostic and resistance to treatment. Enzon is currently being two Phase I study these HIF-1 alpha antagonist various dosage regimens. The HIF-1 alpha inhibitor of licensor of Santaris Pharma A / S.

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