S as well as selected international markets later this month.

Additionally, the extremely breathable dressing is built with pressure-sensitive adhesive to comply with the skin’s irregular surface area for an extended, comfortable wear, even when environmental circumstances have historically posed challenges for optimal dressing functionality.’.. S as well as selected international markets later this month. Over the years, we have brought countless new products to advertise that build upon our core experience in adhesives and films,’ said Paul Keel, president of 3M Epidermis & Wound Care Division.It has resulted in the drug’s producers, Roche, including a caution in the product details that taking the medication may cause depression, psychosis and suicidal behaviour. However, the chemical mechanism where this might happen has never been established. In brand-new independent research, researchers at the universities of Bath and Texas at Austin gave Roaccutane to mice over an interval of six weeks, and monitored the rodents’ behaviour. Without more analysis it is hard to say for sure if the same link pertains to people taking the drug, said Dr Sarah Bailey from the Section of Pharmacy and Pharmacology at the University of Bath. However, establishing a link between the active molecules within the medication and a switch in depression-related behaviour, albeit in mice, is an important step forward inside our understanding of the effects of this drug in the wider context of brain function.

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