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The collaboration makes use of BTI's discovery of a new mechanism where antibodies may target and destroy malignancy cells directly, which has the prospect of an new class of cancer treatment entirely. Cancer cells may be distinguished from regular cells by their elevated degrees of sugar on the cell surface. The mAbs uncovered and produced by BTI can recognise these sugars targets and allow more accurate identification of cancers cells in comparison with traditional antibodies that just target proteins. MAbs produced by BTI are also unique in having a novel mechanism of action; they cause pores to form on the top of cancer cells, leading to cell degradation and the eventual death of the diseased cells.Commenting upon this enhancement to prescription medication monitoring in the constant state, Larry Driver, MD, President-elect of the Texas Pain Society noted, PAINWeekEnd Houston provides frontline clinicians a fantastic possibility to upgrade their pain management skills, and to find out how to make full use of the PAT system for the power and protection of their patients. PAINWeekEnd Houston will be kept on Saturday, May 10, at the Marriott Houston Westchase, on 2900 Briarpark Drive.

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