S contraceptive protection mandate.

Administration cites Hobby Lobby ruling in response to challenge by religious nonprofits The Obama administration cites the Supreme Court's opinion Wednesday to buttress its claim it has offered religious nonprofits an acceptable compromise to medical laws's contraceptive protection mandate. Meanwhile, House Democrats craft legislation that could bar for-profit businesses from denying contraceptive coverage to their employees. The Wall Street Journal: Administration Factors To Hobby Lobby Ruling In Wheaton University Case In the latest battle over the Inexpensive Care Act, the Obama administration Wednesday cited the Supreme Courtroom's Hobby Lobby ruling to buttress the state it has offered religious nonprofits an acceptable compromise to opt out of contraceptive coverage in employee health plans Danmark .

Sankaran to get Rising Star AwardChildren in low-income households have greater access to preventive treatment under Medicaid, CHIPNew UCLA study looks at primary care medical house in reducing childrens' repeat visits to hospitalsThe researchers discovered that the common score for the treatment programs was 23.8, and programs that scored in the very best quartile were not more likely to be accredited. Many programs have scored at least a four out of five on only 1 of the nine key elements . The elements with the poorest scores were treatment and evaluation matching, engaging and retaining teenagers in the program, gender and cultural competence, and analyzing treatment outcomes.

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