Sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing affects 20 million Americans 20 million Americans.

Pointed out be a Silent Killer Without Getting Out Of Bed Diagnostic after National Care CoreA life – threatening disease that reached alarming proportions in the United States is often untreated because testing is inconvenient and costly for them.Sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing affects 20 million Americans 20 million Americans, a consequence of the nation’s growing obesity problem. To stop during sleep, patients breathe more times during the night, sometimes more than a minute and as often as hundreds of times a night.

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The growth in sleep apnea cases is driving significant health care costs. A review of published articles on the subject indicate an expensive process, costs for people with sleep apnea are double those without the condition. There is a growing body of literature that suggests that treatment of the disease may reduce this extra cost. Ironically, sleep apnea can often be identified with relatively low-cost, in – home monitoring systems and treatment usually far less expensive than the annual health care costs each patient is incurred every year.A part of it complaint against hospital , she was to time in order listen carefully to their native worry, and if they had, they would some simple facts have improved significantly Your nursing can be implemented it may be.. The time needs a culture of shift have treating treat patients with our stations, warned Murphy.

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