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Of the American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists The new recommendations offer guidance to OB-GYNs in selecting appropriate candidates for LARCs and manage clinical problems that may arise with their use. ‘LARC methods are the best tool we have against unwanted pregnancies, currently fighting a share of 49 percent of U.S. Pregnancies each year,’said Eve Espey, helped to develop the new Practice Bulletin. ‘The big advantage is that to do after the onset of labor LARCs without something else. There is no maintenance required. ‘.. Something else.ants Most Effective reversible contraceptives availableLong-acting reversible contraceptive methods, namely, intrauterine devices and implants are the most effective forms by reversible contraception available and are safe for use by almost all reproductive women of working age, according to a practice bulletin today.

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Women with copper IUD will continue to increase ovulation and menstrual and cramps at first. Although the data show that these symptoms in the course of time, in the United States heavy menstrual bleeding and are the main causes for discontinuation among long-term copper IUD users. Women considering IUDs informed beforehand informed in advance of this side effect.. According to a opinion released in December 2009 Committee of the University, should LARCs be offered as first-line contraceptives and encouraged as options for most women. The benefits of IUDs and the contraceptive implant prevents unplanned pregnancy could have a profound with the widespread adoption these methods and OB-GYNs are in a great position change, change, Espey said.This information was by kaiser HealthNews. Moreover, from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Them can enjoy the full Imperial Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and log in of email delivery of on Imperial health news.

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