The adult stem cells can be obtained.

The adult stem cells can be obtained , is implanted into the damaged eye and the leg is regenerated, to the restoration of the corneal epithelium and the transparency of the cornea which. The results in the group of rabbits reaches date, with induced limbic insufficiency and then a transplant of adult stem cells showed recovery of the corneal epithelium in 60 percent of treated animals. The corneal epithelium is a layer with with limbic insufficiency, a problem in the long term results in the opacity of the cornea.

For health reasons, Criticize Proposed EU Waste Framework Directive Lawsphysicians’ associations representing over 33,000 physicians have been criticized for health reasons, a number of proposed reforms to the EU waste legislation, which are matched to the next week in the European Parliament.

The European Parliament refused to ratify the Waste Framework Directive, the legislation will go into conciliation. This will give the members a chance to introduce the ambitious proposals submitted earlier in the process.The five highest causes the increased use were: increasing capacity because of new radiological equipment, patients demands higher for specific knowledge of about their own health, allocators ‘ the lower tolerance of uncertainties; enhanced clinical indications for radiology and increased availability of of radiological equipment and personnel. The authors attribute: Patients have become rights reserved rights, and they seem to increasingly demanding method which analysis.

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