The basis of the effective malaria treatment recommended by WHO.

Artemisinin, the ‘basis of the effective ‘malaria treatment recommended by WHO, took almost twice as long malaria parasites malaria parasites in patients in western Cambodia, as there are patients in northwestern Thailand, according to a New England Journal of medicine study, the shows ‘drugs lose their power against the disease in Cambodia, stillerg reports (Bennett.

the results were astounding: everyone bought in the vaccine group immunity against malaria, any later not, and developed malaria when the parasite in a non-vaccinated comparison group exposed, the AP / Washington Post writes. Research Programe study, researchers at the Wellcome Trust – Mahidol University Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Program, the effects of artemisinin drugs in 40 malaria patients in western Cambodia and 40 patients in northwestern Thailand Comparison On average, the patients in Thailand clear the the malaria parasites were within 48 hours, compared with 84 hours for the Cambodian patients, according to HealthDay News / U.S.In Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering initiative of 1,432 U.S. Dollars grow a starfish one New Arm, why can not I ‘.

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