The FDA priority review was completed in six months.

GSK will the FDA to the FDA in order the additional information requested to complete the assessment of ARIXTRA provide for these indications. The company looks forward to ARIXTRA as an additional treatment option for the management of a broad spectrum of patients with acute coronary syndromes. Results of clinical studies supporting these two New Drug Applications have been presented and published in New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA.

Has Food and Drug Administration exhibited a recommendation for approval of once-daily anticoagulant ARIXTRA issued injection, for treatment of patients with:.

HIV positive workers in the Dominican Republic to participate in HIV Vaccine TrialsThe pharmaceutical company Merck conducting Phase II clinical trials of its experimental vaccine against HIV to 175 prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, the AP / Long Iceland Newsday reports. According to the AP / Newsday, the sex workers receive three injections over seven months and then for four years will be used. The study is to provide the women with food and transportation in hospitals in Santo Domingo, the provision of vaccine and aftercare, and $ 30 for each day are to for the.The British government missing the political courage to order to impose a total ban on smoking in public places, according to anti-smoking activists.

However, Health Ministers John Reid MP selected last month imagine for a limited smoking ban in Britain as part of an public health white of paper. Scotland is indoor public spaces in enclosed public places by 2006.

The Scottish Executive published the full results to consultation this week, the overwhelming support for a no smoking public places shown.

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