The go-to destination for family members caregivers. introduces Prescription Medication Assistance Locator tool Paying for prescription drugs just got easier for households who frequent, the go-to destination for family members caregivers ed treatment . The newly released Prescription Drug Assistance Locator enables older adults and their own families to search for financial aid programs for prescription medications. ‘Every month, aging Us citizens are confronted by thousands in prescription drug costs that eat to their already limited financial resources,’ says Joe Buckheit, president of ‘The Prescription Drug Assistance Plan Locator empowers caregivers to greatly help their families rein in these costs by providing them with a centralized place to find financial aid for medications.’ The Prescription Medication Assistance Locator device splits financial aid programs up into three key categories: Nationwide nonprofit Programs State-by-State Programs Pharmaceutical Company Programs Prescription drugs payments make up a lot more than 16 % of the health care costs for the average Medicare beneficiary.

How is Pfizer working to meet the healthcare requirements of the aging population? In addition, life span is normally climbing, up to a lot more than 81 years for ladies and 76 years for guys. Helping people Get Aged and age group well is definitely both our business and societal responsibility at Pfizer. It really is at the core of what we perform. This program is supported by several non-profit organizations and patient groups also. What effect has technology had on the way health can be managed in people because they get older? Technology is a powerful tool that may have a tremendous impact on how people receive and talk about information related to their health, along with connect with a grouped community on topics of interest.

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