The group behind the surprising results consists from Professor J rn Hounsgaard and Post.

The group behind the surprising results consists from Professor J rn Hounsgaard and Post.doc Rune W. Berg of the University of Copenhagen , and Assistant Professor and PhD Aidas Alaburda from the University of Vilnius? The group has shown that spinal neurons during network activity underlying movements, show the similar irregular patterns saw to firing in the cerebral cortex. – New Approach.


Moreover, it allowses of tissue production in human embryonic stem cells by UCLA scientists isolatedScientists at UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center have described a population of cells that mark the first stage of differentiation of human embryonic stem cells because they give a development path the production of blood the production of blood, heart, blood vessels, and bones.. The study appears in the early online edition the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. – ‘Scientists are easy to understand how cells human body are pluripotent are directed to interest on specific tissue, ‘said Dr. Gay Crooks, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and senior author of of the study.‘Our results emphasize the meaning of prevention of overweight as early in life as possible. ‘.

The next step will be to data from young people aged 17 years of to search for to investigate exact the relationship between postures, obesity and low back pain. Follow-up on to Coleraine Study.

The Coleraine Study jointly by the jointly by the Telethon Institute of Child Health Research and of the School of Women’s and Infant Health at University of Western Australia. The study started in 1989, over 2,900 pregnant woman were recruited a study at the King Edward Memorial Hospital ultrasonic imaging study. Their mothers during the pregnancy during pregnancy and from the parent from said mother and the father of, diet, exercise, healthcare, after the children were born, Been assessed in childbirth, after one year of, then two, three and age of five years. More follow-up of cohort carried out in eight ago, now is 17 and 20 years.

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