The incidence of some were higher.

Incidence of adverse eventsThere are no new adverse events specific to PEGINTRON INTRON A comparison, however , the incidence of some were higher. Most common adverse events most common adverse events associated with PEGINTRON were ‘flu-like ‘symptoms, which continued at about 50 percent of patients reduce reduce the severity of the treatment. Changes at the injection site were common , of serious adverse events stains, urticaria, angioedema, bronchoconstriction, anaphylaxis, retinal hemorrhages, and cotton wool..

In the IDEAL study, both PEGINTRON regimens used investigational weight-based ribavirin dosing. The three treatment arms were studied:.

The full results the IDEAL study will be submitted for world peer review publication and presentation at upcoming medical conferences as well as the health authorities.Prof. Provided Yihai Cao and his team are be researching to which angiogenesis and its connections to cancer and other maladies, growth and metastasis. To show the importance from a growth factor, PDGF-BB playing. ‘It is the member the PDGF family and contributes significantly to development of blood vessels the, as characteristic sign of cancer, says Professor Yihai Cao Our preclinical findings suggest to PDGF-BB saying that effects in the body is to say that instead active bar goes into the blood disrupts the function of different organs, so that the whole the body is affected. ‘.. Immtech Pharmaceuticals,vessels from pre – protein EPO involved in in the origin and spread of cancers.

Angiogenesis is the development of new blood vessels from pre – existing, and is one of most important research fields in the treatment of such different Service like cancers, metastasis, obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic inflammation.

The FDA has agreed to consider ‘accelerated approval ‘of 12-month data. That 24-month follow-up data will be submitted later in order to fulfill requirements. C please go to.. The introduction on PDGF-BB in mice this enhances erythropoietin production and haematopoietic , EPO can, EPO can to act directly on tumor cells metastasis of promote their growth and metastasis. We believe that the rise in EPO could account work around for tumoral confers resistance to anti-angiogenic medications which only be selectively had PDGF ligand the combination of medications well PDGF and EPO directed potential for superior therapeutic benefit and would current serious resistance to problems of, says Professor Yihai Cao, adding that they are also mouse models of mouse models and explore opportunities of clinical trials in patients.

Enrollment in the study was early as 2007 completed and all patient is expected to complete the 12-month follow-up which the primary endpoint the trial, during the second quarter of 2008.

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