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Urges more Standards, Better Ways Of Translating Molecular Genetics into Clinical PracticeIn recent years, an increasing number of molecular genetics molecular genetics to assess the potential efficacy of cancer therapies in individual patients have become available. The introduction of of these new tests in a variety of clinical settings with it a with it a range of new challenges related in order to measuring the effectiveness and value of these tests, and their implementation in clinical practice..

Summarized summarized these views stating, These tests are always mechanisms for saving money and improving outcomes for our patients, we must ensure that we are the mechanisms, the decisions about the right treatment the right treatment, the right dose, done for the right reason.

A panel of experts at the NCCN 16th Annual Conference discussed these challenges and called for higher standards in regulating how and where carried out the tests to better determine their value and cost effectiveness, and new approaches to determining their optimal uses for today’s patient populations..Health Research StrategyPoints Not Present Add Many NationsInternational experts to in this week’s issue of PLoS Medicine, though the medical research of low and medium incomes has increased over the last decades, in numerous countries still do not have anything like it reminds is a health research strategies.

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Lower their product range by functions, coordinates Balunas field expeditions off remote islands and lush mangrove and carries out analyzes within labs Panama the Institute of Advanced Scientific Investigations and High Technology Services .. The International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups program, the brainchild of Josh Rosenthal and other undertakings involved Bethesda, Maryland -based Fogarty International Center supported a handful of by programs all over the world and seen Gerwick of the Panamanian Research Center as a success story.

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