The multicenter includes Phase II study skin hives.

The multicenter includes Phase II study, 35 postmenopausal women with metastatic breast cancer resistant to inhibitors aromotase. The women continue to be a aromotase inhibitor for the study, but they also take sorafenib skin hives . The analysis presented today shows a clinical benefit rate in 20 % of women. Clinical benefit means the patient has a complete or partial response, including those who had stable disease for at least 6 months .

Isaacs says side effects were common , but most were mild or were managed by reducing the dose, such side effects are redness and irritation of the palms and soles, skin rash. Fatigue, nausea / vomiting and diarrhea Serious hypertension occurred in about 11 % of the patients Isaacs says more easily managed more easily managed if blood pressure was brought under good control before patients , the combination was administered.

Integrated Roche Molecular Diagnostics into Personalized Medicine at Wolfson audience be in the Royal College of Physicians, on Friday, May 2010.

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