The overall parasite load.

Two large study showed an increase in the incidence of coccidia-infected broiler flocks from 42 percent to 76 percent for a period of three years and a strong swing in the type of dominant coccidia load to less pathogenic forms and away from more pathogenic ones. The overall parasite load, nationwide, not significantly changed in this time, but there were significant regional differences in the number of infected herds, the degree of infection and the dominant species.

The economic significance of milder coccidia infections can be very difficult to assess. Haug studied the relationship between parasite load and production efficiency, and found that parasite load alone is not a good measure of the economic significance of the infection. Occurred reduced production costs, as it more than 50,000 over 50,000 parasites per gram of faeces and the pathogenic strains. An appropriate level of infection of more benign coccidia strains do not have the same effect on production.

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