The prospect rasfonin that might lead to a new family of anti-cancer drugs side effects.

The prospect rasfonin that might lead to a new family of anti-cancer drugs, scientists began looking for a way to make enough rasfonin for tests side effects . Now scientists are reporting development of this simple method in a report on 23 August issue of the the Journal of the American Chemical Society planned.

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At the PEGINTRON / REBETOL combined trial, the incidence of serious adverse events been 17 percent in the PEGINTRON / REBETOL groups compared with 14 percent of INTRON A / REBETOL group. The incidence of serious adverse events in the PEGINTRON / REBETOL combination treatment survey was 23 percent in the INTRON A / REBETOL group and 31-34 percent to the PEGINTRON / REBETOL groups. Reduction of the dose because of side effects in the 42 percent of patients PegIntron / ribavirin and at 34 percent of the recipients INTRON A / REBETOL.

On the results of this clinical study, the recommended duration of the metering with of PegIntron combined therapy withdrawal patients who previous therapy and those who have undetectable viral load at week 12 48 weeks, irrespective of the HCV genotype.

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